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Family Immigration

Bringing Your Family Into The U.S.

Few areas of immigration law are as sensitive as those surrounding family. At Harrington Law Offices, we understand how important it is for you to build a new life in America with your family. We do everything in our power to reunite you with family members, and secure the necessary visas to keep your family in the U.S.

We Are Here to Answer Your Questions

Clients seeking legal guidance in family immigration matters often have many questions:

How long will it take to bring my family member to the U.S.? Is it better to file for an adjustment of status or follow a consular process in my native country? What do I do if my family member is facing deportation? How do we apply for permanent residency?

We understand your concerns. We know how to deal with the USCIS, immigration judges and officials, and get you through the maze of regulations. We are committed to helping you and your family stay together and build your life in America.

Our family-based immigration services include:

Attorney Daniel P. Harrington also helps clients become U.S. citizens.

Did You Know?

To bring a family member into the U.S., the USCIS requires that you:

  1. Prove that you are the legal relative of the person you are sponsoring
  2. Are a naturalized citizen or legal U.S. resident
  3. Can provide adequate financial support for your family member(s)

Do You Have A Family-Based Immigration Need? Call Us Today.

Located in Boston, we provide family-based immigration solutions to clients throughout Massachusetts the U.S. To discuss your immigration matter in detail, contact our firm. Call 617-482-3800 or contact us by email to schedule a low-cost consultation with our lawyer. Se habla español. Se Fala Português.

We Help Foreign Spouses Obtain Their Green Card Many people believe that by marrying a U.S. citizen, they will automatically be granted American citizenship. This is simply not true. Like most immigration processes, application for permanent residency must be made through the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) and involves filing of paperwork, documentation and...

America is seen as the land of opportunity. Unfortunately, for individuals who were brought to the U.S. illegally as children, opportunities are limited. Many live in fear of being deported to a country they have no memory of and no connection to.