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Permanent Residency Application Process

Permanent Residency Lawyer in Boston, MA

We Help Make Sense Of The Permanent Residency Application Process

Those who want the option to become a U.S. citizen or who want a green card will need to make an application for permanent residency. An employment-based application for permanent residency first requires a labor certification form (PERM) to be filed and certified by the Department of Labor.

The Department of Labor must certify to the USCIS that:

There are no qualified U.S. workers who are able, willing, qualified and available to accept the job at the prevailing wage for this occupation in the area and
That the employment of the proposed worker will not adversely impact the wages and working conditions of similarly employed U.S. workers.
This is a complex process, and attorney Daniel P. Harrison at Harrington Law Offices is here to guide you every step of the way.

The Guidance You Need

A concentration of high-tech industries and renowned universities in Massachusetts has made the Boston area a destination for professionals and skilled workers from around the world. Our law firm has extensive experience guiding clients through the maze of regulations surrounding the permanent residency application process. Whether you are seeking assistance with National Interest Waivers or any other business immigration need, we have a track record of success. Contact us if you seeking an application for permanent residency and are a/an:

  • Person of Extraordinary Ability in the arts, sciences, athletics, education or business fields and whose entry will substantially benefit the U.S.
  • Professional with an Advanced Degree, such as a master's degree or a B.A./B.S., plus five years of experience in a specialty plus a job offer and labor certification
  • Outstanding Professor or Researcher who has international recognition in a specific academic area and has achieved documented accomplishments in your field, plus a job offer

We will help ensure that you have the proper documentation, that paperwork is completed accurately and filed in a timely manner for:

  • Labor Certification and Reduction in Recruitment: We help with forms such as the Department of Labor form ETA 9089 and labor certification and provide follow up and follow through on your behalf.
  • National Interest Waivers: We will assist you by guiding you through the process, including documentation of past accomplishments, to help ensure that you will be able to waive the requirement of labor certification.

Contact Us For Help With Permanent Residency Applications

At Harrington Law Offices, we have been helping businesses and workers in Boston and throughout Massachusetts with business immigration issues since 1994. We know the law and the procedures involved, and we know how to make the process as efficient as possible. For assistance, call 617-482-3800 or send us an email to schedule a low-cost consultation. Se habla español. Se Fala Português.